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Posted on route - Blackstar Canyon - Sierra Peak


MTB Fiend --  Nice early AM start, real comfortable climb. Although quite a few folks were out, it felt like I had the place mostly to myself. Sensational forever views in all directions! Absolutely clear! A few wind gusts but just enough to keep it clear and comfortable. Really bummed to see smoke in Baker Cyn as I descended BS. Hung out and watched the first fire responders until they closed the road. In less than an hour, they had dispatched a helicopter, several small fire trucks, a Dozer, and 2 water trucks. Hung out on SCR and talked with Kevin (on fire watch) as the air support came in. 3 planes, the shot caller and 2 small droppers. Here at home I cannot see the smoke, but it was mostly white when I headed home, so I am hopeful they knocked the thing down quick. Still, a Grrreat Ride!
  mtnbikej10/06/13, 01:00 PM
Mulch Fire.

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