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Posted on route - Blackstar Canyon - Sierra Peak


MTB Fiend --  Good ol\' Blackstar, such a deserved reputation. J and I went out to SP to catch the fireworks. Awesome! Literally hundreds of fireworks shows to watch, from massive to tiny neighborhoods, we could see it all. The finale\'s were best as we could watch them, and not hear them until it was over - very trippy. The night ride back was eventful too, as we came upon a semi-distressed hiker, who, in an impromptu, and not so thought out fashion, due to a family dispute, decided to hike from Corona airport to RSM, via Skyline/BS. To his credit he made it pretty far. J found him lying in the middle of the road, just above the lower canyon. He was pretty confused, dehydrated and tired. We walked him out to the gate, where to our surprise a bunch of OC Parks Rangers were congregated. But they were not called out for the hiker, just fire watch. Then, as soon as we got to the gate, along comes a car and picks him up. Whoosh! Gone. Just another trippy day on BS. Great fireworks show, Great Ride!
  mtnbikej07/05/13, 09:08 AM
Yup....startled me a bit when I came around the corner. At least he was alert and responsive.

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