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Posted on route - Ultra Quest 2008-2009


Hermit --  Great day for this event, considering it was wet and muddy in spots. Took my time in the beginning and ate a lot of food. That made the difference for me. Felt great and finished strong. Started my Garmin a few minutes late, so my actual time was closer to 9:20. Blew away my sub-10hr goal. Pinos dirt was amazing going down. Cleaned all of lower Pinos for the first time ever.
  GoneRiding03/09/13, 08:53 PM
Great job out there today Matt!
  Despacio03/09/13, 09:05 PM
Awesome ride ..great job !!
  suchafingahole03/10/13, 09:07 AM
Nicely done, youngster..
  ThinkFast03/10/13, 01:18 PM
Limited training and you still killed it!

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