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Posted on route - Carl's Santa Ana Epic #1


Hermit --  Booya.
  jbh6501/12/13, 08:39 PM
uq or this route which was tougher
  Hermit01/12/13, 08:48 PM
I think this is a tougher route, but I didn't pace myself well for UQ last year so that was the harder ride for me.
  dandrews01/12/13, 08:54 PM
Nice looking route! :)
  ThinkFast01/12/13, 09:06 PM
Im going with UQ being much more difficult. We just aren't in that kind of shape yet this year so this was rough. Up ITT and Carriso, Main Divide is cake compared to heading up Bell, Trabuco, San Juan. JMO
  Red Ryder01/14/13, 09:44 AM
Dang, that just looks painful. What a ride.
  suchafingahole01/14/13, 05:22 PM
Nice, Matt !

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