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Posted on route - Ultra Quest 2012-2013


Hermit --  Extremely tough yet awesome day. First half of the ride was great for me, but going up San Juan I bonked like I've never bonked before. Felt incredibly weak and nauseous, and finally puked right after cocktail. Then Brian and Josh showed up and that really raised my spirits. At the last aid station I was determined to finish even if my sub-10hr goal was lost. While resting on Bell at the Yeager trailhead, Dan came up and saved me with a magic fruit snack (couldn't eat anything else), which gave me just enough energy to finish the ride down Bell. I owe him bigtime. And it was so awesome finishing to the cheers of all my training buddies. Made the suffering worth it. Big thanks to everyone manning the aid stations and to Dave for putting on this monster event. And thanks to Eric and Jay for saving me a yummy burrito!
  sweeper03/11/12, 11:00 AM
great job hermit.
  DONALD JACKSON03/11/12, 12:22 PM
Nice Work Matt
  suchafingahole03/11/12, 12:28 PM
Way to finish, Matt. I saw how much you were suffering. It was HUGE for you to complete, this monster...
  jbh6503/11/12, 12:30 PM
way to grind it out Matt. Was glad to see you cross the line
  ThinkFast03/11/12, 12:36 PM
We were all stoked when we knew you were going to finish after having a rough day. Good job stud!
  GoneRiding03/11/12, 12:40 PM
Way to tough it out and finish that sufferfest Matt!
  tweasol03/11/12, 03:10 PM
Nice job brother. Banding together definitely helped me finish too. Glad you made it !! Dan was the man.
  mark189003/11/12, 11:43 PM
all on a hardtail?right on...

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