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Posted on route - Blackstar Canyon - Sierra Peak


MTB Fiend --  Equal parts, stoked and spooked. Sensational solo sunset climb to Beeks, caught the sun sinking in to the horizon. Rode Sierra Ridge illuminated by a twilight glow. Contemplated the remnants of the day - and a beer. Train horns in the distance calmed the soul. Stoked! The descent felt spooked from the start. Probably because I knew I had to pass those ML tracks in the mud above Hidden Ranch. No iTunes for this descent, just too spooky. And dark! Sure enough, saw a Deer. Great! Right where the tracks are. I had no interest in getting between anything going on there! Did I mention it was really really dark out there? Got out on the blacktop and figure I am home free, groovin\' on the \"frog concert\". Suddenly, a bunch of crashing in the bushes behind me (skin crawled)! Caught a Deer bounding across the road and into the bushes in my lights. Impressive. Back at the truck the warmth and security of my head beanie never felt so good! Shared my beer and almonds with the owls. Great ride
  MTB Fiend02/17/12, 09:54 PM
Some great ML prints just before the blacktop above Hidden Ranch. Check em out. You really cannot miss them. Very deep, they will be there for awhile.

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