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Posted on route - Blackstar Canyon - Sierra Peak


MTB Fiend --  Irresistable it was. Winds were calmer and I got a 15min earlier start. I knew it was true perfection as I caught my shadow 200ft below in the canyon, in the usual spot. Another 5min and it would not exist. Some may have seen tonights sunset, but tonight I will tell you, I was part of the sunset. Just awe inspiring to experience the twilight transition from sunset to darkness, all atop Sierra Ridge. Stopped numerous times and soaked it all in. Added some rocking ELO and it was a party of one! Once again, had the Blackstar descent all to myself. Well, except for those 2 glowing eyes about ground level as I approached the tree covered spot above Hidden Ranch. Probably just that Fox, yeah probably. Slow-rolled the entire descent, one of those rides that just filled the senses. Great ride!
  tedslab02/10/12, 05:00 PM
I do enjoy your posts, they are a true pleasure to read.
  grimix02/10/12, 07:29 PM
Yes they are. A constant reminder of how fun it can be doing it with the lights out.
  MTB Fiend02/10/12, 07:56 PM
Wow! How cool. Thanks guys!

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