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Posted on route - Trabuco Canyon - Bell Ridge


ThinkFast --  New Years Eve ride with Tom, Brian, Josh, Mark, Ben, Ryan, Frank, Matt & Travis. Put my hand in some poison oak getting around a downed tree on Trabuco. Then wiped sweat off my face with the same hand later. Fingers crossed I don\'t get any PO.
  Phishin Paul12/31/11, 04:59 PM
Troy, i have done worse. Hand in PO and then pulled over to take a leak. Bad bad combo.
  GoneRiding12/31/11, 05:12 PM
umm - tmi Paul! Hope you can join us on some more rides in 2012.
  ThinkFast12/31/11, 06:22 PM
Ugh! Damn! I forgot but...I did take a leak later in the ride...

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