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Posted on route - Maple Springs - Santiago Peak


MCAFS --  Very nice ride up to the Peak and back down to the pavement on Maple. That\'s where we almost collided head on with a pack of motorcycles doing about 50 mph up Maple Springs. We were on the right side of the road and these guys were cutting corners like it was their own Pikes Peak road. We ended up in the bushes and they just rode on. If we were a car they would have ended up a hood orniment. Watch out!
  Jake c('.'c)07/24/11, 06:57 PM
I just pull over every time I hear a moto or any ORV coming. Most of them slow down and give a nod but some don't even seem to notice I'm there. I wish a Ranger would roll up that road more often.
  NA1NSXR07/24/11, 08:24 PM
Thats why Maple Springs sucks
  bikesurfski07/24/11, 09:38 PM
Don't know if it applies to your experience, but I talked with a moto cross guy who said he gets frustrated with mountain bikers who try to move out of the way, turn sideways and make it harder. He said to just keep going straight since they are not going to run you over. FYI.

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