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Posted on route - Blackstar Canyon - Sierra Peak


MTB Fiend --  Sweet ride! Calm, cool and magnificent! Sunset on the way out, moon rise on the way back. At one point the sun and the moon appeared to be at equal, but opposite positions in the sky, each vying for my attention. Hung out and soaked in the views and sunset for quite some time. Did not see a soul until the 3 car tour stopped at Hidden Ranch, then 2 other riders. Great solo ride!
  MTB Fiend07/23/10, 09:54 PM
Stopped and talked to a small group of youths on the blacktop. They were asking about Blackstar Bill and "weirdness" in the canyon, and then revealed 2 of them were carrying baseball bats! I chuckled and indicated that might be a little overkill for the mosquitos. I told them they were about 10 years too late for Blackstar Bill. Too funny!

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