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Posted on route - Blackstar Canyon - Sierra Peak


MTB Fiend --  Solo ride, just me and my shadow. Funny thing about my shadow, it's very fickle. Sometimes it was right beside me in every way, but before long I was dragging it out to Sierra Peak. As soon as I turned around though, there it was leading the way. It wanted to go fast, I did not - too bad for my shadow. No grudges though, there it was right beside me on the climb back to Blackstar, enjoying another mighty fine sunset together. Great ride!
  MTB Fiend07/02/10, 10:28 PM
I never ask where my shadow goes as it gets dark, it slowly fades away with the sunset, so I figure they got a thing going together.
  DIRTULS07/02/10, 10:29 PM
I want to venture there some day.
  MTB Fiend07/02/10, 10:32 PM
Real nice out there tonight. No critters though. Bummer.

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