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Posted on route - Harding intervals


quad damage --  Happy to get this done and happy not to get rained on too bad. No cramps and no bonking makes me cautiously optimistic for VQ. Harding is boring two times in a row but since I haven\'t been in the dirt much lately it somehow wasn\'t that bad.
  Quikflip2703/08/10, 10:38 AM
Harding twice without enjoying any of the trails it can take you to?...That's just masochist.
  jb_29er03/08/10, 11:56 AM
Was is pretty muddy there?
  quad damage03/08/10, 12:46 PM
I needed the time on fire roads and the weather kept me from going to the peak etc. It was actually not muddy at all. It's a little torn up in a few spots from the rain, but overall really solid.
  ThinkFast03/08/10, 02:44 PM

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