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Mountain Biking      181 mi      27,389 ft      771

Route Summary (all dates)
mapthomas mountain , iydllwild
mapPalm Springs Dunn to Hahn Buena, Wildhorse, Goat trails
gallerymapAlvin Meadows: Optimater
gallerymapThomas Mountain - Ramona Trail
gallerymapSycamore Canyon Tour

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Basic Information
User NameZachariah
CityPalm DesertRegionStateCA
Joined12/04/2008Last On06/14/2017

Mountain Biking2012 Trek Superfly 100 Pro

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thomas mountain , iydllwild
19.1 mi        3,645 ft        6.9 mph
+65 pts     GPX file
 Perfect weather, slight breeze. Never cold. My BEST DH run yet! I did the climb entirely on an empty stomach, hence the frequent breaks.  Other Comments1600154/179
Palm Springs Dunn to Hahn Buena, Wildhorse, Goat trails
16.5 mi        3,092 ft        5.3 mph
+55 pts     GPX file
3:08:12 Weather got hot FAST today. By 11am I was running out of steam. I mistook the left fork, after the Trading Post intersection and ended-up walking North, up the Fern Trail wash(unrideable), until I found the Vanderventer traverse to Clara Burgess and Wildhorse/Garstin. 1151168
Palm Springs Dunn to Hahn Buena, Wildhorse, Goat trails
16.5 mi        3,092 ft        6 mph
+55 pts     GPX file
2:44:11 The recent rains made the steep, initial climb even more challenging. The upshot is the surface is very tacky with minimal deep sand. Temp was a breezy 74F. 1231148/161
Alvin Meadows: Optimater
5.7 mi        1,280 ft    
+25 pts     GPX file
 We did the Tub and connected to the Optimator. 146
Thomas Mountain - Ramona Trail
16.2 mi        2,512 ft    
+50 pts     GPX file
 Hard rains, day before. Thanks to the numerous water bars(plastic trail steps) the trail was not destroyed. Completed this climb on empty stomach, and did not bonk. Was assisting MTB newbie with her new bike, hence the many breaks and slower completion time. 1982134/148
Sycamore Canyon Tour
15.7 mi        2,449 ft        7.2 mph
+49 pts     GPX file
2:10:29 Completed 2/3 of this full tour today. I made the stupid mistake of doing this ride in 100-degree August heat, and my performance really suffered. There was NOBODY crazy enough to ride this trail today, as I had the entire park to myself. Not a good thing, because all 3L of chilled water was depleted by the time I reached the Canyon Crest entrance/map board and if I collapsed - my rotting corpse would not be found until morning, possibly. Fearing the worst - I exited from Canyon Crest, coasting all the way back to the Central Ave. trailhead, completely dehydrated. At the Alessandro Chevron gas station - I was so parched, my urine had streaks of blood in it - a sign my kidneys were about to fail on me. I chugged 40oz of Gatorade immediately....and just in time. This is my very first outing at Sycamore Canyon. Being from Palm Springs, I thought I could handle the heat, but I was DEAD WRONG. There is nearly zero shade here! I will return when the weather is in the 40s-50s thank you...  Other Comments797148/160
Thomas Mountain - Ramona Trail
16.2 mi        2,512 ft        7.3 mph
+50 pts     GPX file
 Nice breezy ride, from Ramona Trail parking lot. I rode the 1.4 miles to Pyramid Peak Road, hung a right and began the tedious climb, to the Thomas Mountain Campsite. Once I reached the campsite - I took the bailout route, at the right of the campsite restrooms, essentially removing 5 miles from my ride, due to increasing heat and low water, that day. Looking at the map above - I began descending at the Northwest portion of the trail, right where climb and descent starts at the bottleneck. Conditions were dry and fast today! 814134/150
Palm Canyon Epic
24.8 mi        1,785 ft        12 mph
+59 pts     GPX file
 I cannot begin to tell you my LOVE for this ride. All I can say is BE PREPARED(Tools/Food/Tubes/Water/Energy snacks). The Cholla Cactus here is downright nasty...and there is sometimes no avoiding it! Leave before 10am and shuttle vehicles accordingly. The only drawback to this ride is the Omscott Dry Wash....ie: The Indian Death March, a 3-mile slightly uphill grind where deep sand saps your energy, while you try to find the "hardest" surface line. Once you reach Dunn Road...might as well do the Hahn's Buena Vista Trail; a gravelly, 3-mile singletrack DH fest, with inspiring views. Be of above average fitness and this ride will have it's own place in your singletrack dreams.... Recommended Route: Ribbonwood/Pine View Road - This drop off point gives you the MOST downhill action....fast and flowing! 1075144/162
Santa Ana River Trail (SART) Shuttle
24.5 mi        2,125 ft        6.2 mph
+83 pts     GPX file
 Don't fall for all the hype, about this trail. This ride is a LOT of work. The 19 fallen trees we encountered here was draining all our energies, momentum and ride pace. The massive snowfalls this year really brought down many old-growth trees. The brushy overgrowth is also downright scary, as you gotta consciously dodge them on the technical DH sections...or else they will knock you down. This year, the ride is about 60% DH and 40% not steep, but grinding climbs. Bring as much energy snax and fluids as you can possibly carry. Air up your tires to at least 33psi, as the rock gardens will constantly bang your rims and try to rip your tires wide open. Mother Nature was NOT good to SART this year. Lets hope some trees/brush/rock can be cleared, making this trail the great epic ride it once was again.  Other Comments2900144/154
Simpson Park - Ramona Cross
10.4 mi        1,914 ft    
+43 pts     GPX file
 Props to MTB Mike, for showing us this trail!
Palm Springs: Dunn - Hahn Buena Vista - Cindy Whitehead
15.4 mi        2,983 ft    
+52 pts     GPX file
 To enter Cindy Whitehead trail - go past the Bighorn notice and bear right down into the gully. Once there, turn right and hike-a-bike up a steep hill and continue the short climb to sweet ridgeline descent all the way into Cathedral City cove, at Elna Way and Foothill.

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