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Basic Information
User NameUphillRider65
CitySan Juan CapistranoRegionOrange County, CaStateCa
Joined11/11/2005Last On01/12/2022
CommentVideos at http://www.youtube.com/user/UpHillRider55#p/u More Bugs at http://bugguide.net/bgimage/user/77457

Mountain BikingAsscent Chinook Fat-tire 39lb Returned
Mountain BikingGary Fisher HiFi Plus 29er
Mountain BikingHi Fi Pro 29er (Dead&Gone)
Mountain BikingHiFi Pro 26er
Mountain BikingIBIS DV9
Mountain BikingIBIS Ripley
Mountain BikingRSD The Mayor Fat-tire
Mountain BikingSuperfly 100AL (HiFIPro replacement)
Mountain BikingSuperfly 29er
Mountain BikingWeyless 26"
Road BikingHiFi Plus
Road BikingIBIS DV9

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