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   Damon M
Routes created by Damon M
DistanceAscentPointsDate Created
Ladera Fire Station Trails17.1mi.1,410ft.4208/11/2012
Aliso Driping Cave, Mathis, Rockit, Driping Cave10.6mi.1,189ft.2904/19/2008
El Morro Single Track out and back 2.7mi.742ft.1004/17/2008
El Morro Ridge/ Hidden Single Track / Canyon11.0mi.1,001ft.2704/17/2008
Blackstar to Eagle Road (Out & Back)28.7mi.5,125ft.9502/17/2008
Blackstar to Eagle Rode (Out & Back)28.7mi.5,125ft.9502/17/2008
Blackstar to Eagle Road (Out & Back)28.7mi.5,125ft.9502/17/2008
Vail Lake XC - Racers & Chasers 6.2mi.886ft.1802/10/2008
Blackstar to Beeks then Blackstar to Sierra Peak32.7mi.5,107ft.10101/19/2008
Ladera Edison Poles 8.8mi.1,387ft.2601/06/2008
Ladera Edison Poles 2x 8.8mi.1,387ft.2601/06/2008
Campus McCarthur to Back Bay15.2mi.553ft.3111/29/2007
San Juan to Blue Jay with Lolly Pop Out & Back21.4mi.3,827ft.7011/23/2007
Campus, University, Jeffery11.9mi.408ft.2411/19/2007
Ladera PL, Antonio, Ortega & back11.3mi.1,247ft.3011/17/2007
Clear Creek Camp Ground to Redbox Camp Ground with Pavement24.9mi.4,517ft.8211/11/2007
Arroyo Trabuco / Empressa / Antonio15.6mi.947ft.3610/27/2007
campus/ university/ michelson 6.3mi.152ft.1210/23/2007
Sienna / Antonio Loop 5.1mi.356ft.1210/21/2007
Jamboree / Backbay Tour15.9mi.698ft.3410/18/2007
University Bird Sanctuary Loop 8.5mi.264ft.1710/08/2007
LaderaLoop 6.3mi.1,315ft.2209/16/2007
Laguna Seca13.3mi.1,805ft.3809/05/2007
Campus - Jamboree - Back Bay / Out and Back15.9mi.860ft.3508/17/2007
Ladera Tour 6.8mi.586ft.1708/12/2007
Back Bay Tour21.2mi.1,047ft.4708/12/2007
Georgia International Horsepark 8.0mi.1,041ft.2210/23/2006

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