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The New Traverse 2012 COURSE

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Hammertime05/13/12great event... glad i decided to go for it. Good to meet a few geo peeps and complete a tough weekend of training... gonna have some fun monday at sart and resting tomorrow for mom ;D good job sarah, nick and mark! 
nstilwell05/12/12Good ride today! Enjoyed riding with Daniel and Sarah. 
Gunny Bing05/12/12Glad to have this one in the books. I only questioned why I signed up for this pain train 45 times. 
mark189005/12/12knew i was in trouble when my left foot cramped on b*,wth.had to stop before the peak 2-3 times,which killed any hope of a pb.there's always next year.... 
evilbawb05/17/112nd place 18-30 intermediate. Giving blood the day before probably wasnt the best idea. 
Buffalo05/15/11My first Traverse, finished at 6:24. Thank you Warriors volunteers, so many people giving! 
MCAFS05/15/11Cool and overcast for most of the ride. Felt pretty good. Missed my goal by three minutes. No flats or crashes. 
Boerseun05/15/112nd Traverse. Rode with a friend last year and we rolled in @8:22. Decided to ride Traverse solo this year and finished with a 6:39 incl. stopping for 20min to fix a cut sidewall with a $20 bill (all I had with me to plug the 1 inch cut)...someone (think it was Hammertime) at the finish line told me it is the best use of $20 that he could think of for the day, since it got me to the finish line. Could not have asked for better weather...and more helpful volunteers (especially Tim on his dirt bike riding next/past me several times encouraging me). A fun day in the mountains...THANK YOU WARRIORS! Thank you to FastTurtle for riding a Snicker bar all the way to 4C and then turn around. Splits 0:58 to Beeks, 2:29 to MW (incl 20min fixing sidewall cut), 3:26 to 4C, 4:26 to peak, 4:36 to LHJ, 5:53 to Trabucco, Total: 6:39. Almost forgot to mention, that I met Sjon at the finish line...he was easy to spot...he was the guy freezing because he forgot his jacket in the truck! 
ZipsBiker05/15/11Tough day on the bike. Mechanicals, a crash and cramps to sum it up. 
Alpine Rob05/15/11Great day for a race, the weather in the morning must have scared a lot of people from coming. Had a good time despite the fact that I cramped right at the beging of the rocky climb to four corners, had issues through the race after that. Came in at 5:10, 10 minutes behind goal, but 30 minutes faster than last year. Thankyou Warriors for all the hard work and the long hours, you all rock! Sorry I did not stick around long, wanted to talk to you guys at the end, but got cold. So next time I am up there I'll buy the beer. 
dandrews05/14/111 flat, great day! 3rd behind Tinker and Manny. Daniel Munoz 4th, Mario 5th 
TomG05/14/11wow the fog messed me up i couldn't see cause glasses fogged up. I'm sure it was better then 90 degree heat.Congrats to all finishers. 
nstilwell05/14/11Couldn't have asked for better weather today. Fun seeing all the pro riders at the start...even if it was for just a few seconds before they took off. Thanks Warriors Society for putting on a great event. Splits: Beeks 0:48, Motorway 1:44, 4 Corners 2:32, Peak 3:15, Trabuco 4:22 
singlespeedrider05/14/11What a great day for a race. Beat my goal by 18 minutes. Learned a few things from last year like push harder to the peak and do not lolly gag. New PR B* gate to gate 53:07. Thanks Warriors for another great event. 
Mike Honcho05/14/11Great ride today, nice to see Tinker drop the hammer at 50 years old and dominate the young ones. Inspiration to the old guys like me. 
Mr.Krisztian05/14/11My 4th Traverse. Made my goal by 2 seconds. Crazy. Goal was 6 hours, crossed the finished line at 5:59:58 This includes a flat before the climb to Santiago Peak with a ripped sidewall worth 8 minutes of fixing. Good thing I brought an extra TIRE! Thanks Sol for the warning. Weather was perfect. Felt good all day, relatively speaking when you spend 6 hours on the Main Divide. I have been shaving time off every year 3 years in a row. I like it. 
Hammertime05/14/11Awesome race today, very tough pushing to keep up with some great competition.. Glad everyone had fun and sounds like everyone accomplished their goals... well at least mostly...front tire had slow leak from lower trabuco trail to finish... almost flat by finish.. felt pretty good today 
TomG04/29/11Garmin died on trabuco hand timed and added. Perfect weather for this course. It needs a little work on Trabuco Trail a big tree went down. 
BigT05/13/10Mission accomplished! Last year, a big fat DNF. This year, A FINISH! Thanks to the Warriors Society for putting on a great event for such a great cause. Thanks to all the volunteers for feeding me, hydrating me and offering that invaluable support! Cramps were excruciating. Weather was perfect. Oh, and I didn't finish last. A plus. Next year, I'm gonna make that race my bitch. Sorta. 
Boerseun05/10/10A BIG thank you to the Warriors Society for putting up another superb event. Temps were great and I felt good...1:10@Ball, 2:14@MW, 3:11@4C; 4:09@LHJ (easily made the cutoffs, which were my concern)...then waited and rode with SAMtn the rest of they way. Kudos to SAMtn who dugged deep and finished...looking forward to upcoming ride in Africa with you. Thanx to FastTurtle who chased me to the Ball and then paced me to MW...that was just what I needed! My first Traverse and I plan to be back. 
SAmtn05/09/10Thanks to Boerseun for getting me through this. Also thanks to all the Warriors for their support. 
dandrews05/09/10Fantastic event and a perfect day in many ways. I think alot of people had a super day. Great job to Hammertime, he was ahead of his Counting Coup record pace. Awesome job MCAFS on your winning singlespeed time. It was nice talking to you briefly, i didn't know you were on geo till later. Great to see Ben at the top of ITT, cheering us on in his lawn chair. Perhaps the first ITT lawn chair siting ever. Also nice to meet Clint from up north, riding his neon green rIgiD 29er. 
JEROEN BOSBOOM05/09/10Yeeehaaa! Kudos to the Warriors Society for continueing to put on great local events! 3rd place expert 45-49 
singlespeedrider05/08/10SO HUNGRY NOW. Had a goal of 6 hours and just fell short. This is the toughest ride I have done to date and the three bonus points I got for the SS were not worth it. Motorway to 4 corners SUCKED and the wall after ITT SUCKED. Got to the finish and was so glad I did this event. My wife, 2 of my kids and my parents were there cheering me on. :58 Beeks, 2:05 Motorway, 3:05 Four corners 4:00 peak and 5:20 to Trabucco BEER ME 
Alpine Rob05/08/10Had an absolute blast, despite the pain of cramps. Matt good to see you, thanks for the endurolytes, very helpful. Sorry you were hurting, Telling you Z pack antibiotics. All the people I met on the ride were so cool, cheers to you all, especially the tandem team, you rock. The "Warriors Society" absolutely put on a great event, Thanks you guys. Oh yeah Eric thanks for the Coke, Chipster and John were trying to sell it. 
genusmtbkr505/08/10Hot today and had a couple mechanicals. Finished worse than last years and I took pics and spent more time at the check points. I guess those mechanicals really cost me this time. Oh well, that's racing. 
Mr.Krisztian05/08/10Tough day on the bike. The Epic had shifting problems all day, disappointing given it just came from the bike shop for that same reason. Felt good, but that's relative when you are doing The Traverse. Temps were in the 70's, Rooster got sweet revenge from 2 years ago and finished in 6:45 Great day.. I am tired. 
jpotts05/08/10two things learned today... 1) no ride the day before 2) no experimenting with nutrition on my first endurance ride. frs was not my friend...stomach cramps from motorway on...didn't throw up, but should have. great time regardless - next time, experience with my nutrition! thx to the warriors and my friends for the support - kathy, eb, debbie, vicki, ned, gene, el juan, chris! 
ZipsBiker05/08/10The weather couldn't have been better, especially compared to past years. I felt this was the hardest thing I had ever done last year and swore that I would prepare for the next one. My efforts paid off and despite my injury that prevented me from riding during the last 3 weeks in April, the base I established early on kept me strong. Knocked an hour off last year's time and I can actually walk and move right now. Very pleased, all of our team rode well. 
jpotts05/08/10some climbs for sure...actually used my gears 
skyrone05/08/10First timer. Got a sick stomach about 2/3 of the way through but still had a fun time. Team Poseidon had a big showing, lots of Orange! Thanks for everything Warrior's Society. 
XCRider05/08/10Training works! Amazing. New bike helped too. Hydrate all week, no beer, and stuck to ride plan. Rode everything except Trabuco creek crossings. 10min PB to motorway and easily made 4C cutoff (dnf'd there in 2009). Climb to 4C and WHT were hardest. Weather was great, and Warrior's staff was everywhere. Excellent support at all major checkpoints, including water and roving mech help. Only unplanned excitement was OTB at bottom of Trabuco. Damned rocks. 1:06, 1:47, 2:37, 3:33?, 4:48, 7:00? 
SantaCruz HellRider05/08/10Official time 7:00:30. My stomach shut down - not good. So missed breaking 7 hours. Congratulations to zunGu and Hammertime. 
Sjon05/08/10Strange how I ride this area a lot and know it well, but somehow underestimated the difficulty of this race. Did not achieve goal, stomach and legs cramps along with energy drainage from MW on. Nice to see Hal who was helping at the HJ checkpoint, Robbiesdad, and other Geo fans. Way to go Zungu on your 2nd place and a HUGE congrats to my main man Hammertime on his much earned 3rd place. Very impressive! Big props to WS and volunteers for their time and efforts. Live to race another day! 
IceCreamAndCake05/08/10Thanks to the WS for doing such a great job,you guys are awesome!Had a super ride to 4C then battled cramps the rest of the way,still happy with the whole experience.Congrats to all who participated! 
MCAFS05/08/10Great day out there. A little warmer than expected. Many thanks to all the volunteers who helped make this race a success. Legs felt great all the way to the finish. 
Hermit05/08/10GT. Ugh!...tough day for me. Didn't train and rode with a lingering cough. Bonked between HT and Trabuco. Thanks to Alpine Rob for rescuing me with a bottle of Coke, which gave me the energy to push forward and finish under 6 hrs. Good seeing all the usual suspects out there kicking butt. Congrats everyone. 
Hammertime05/08/10Great day, glad I pushed myself, wasn't real confident going into this, haven't felt that great lately, but did what I wanted to other than my time(goal).Did get some new pb's 39:50 to beeks, 1:26:37 to Mt wy, 2:05:08 to 4corners, 2:37 to peak. Glad to see everyone, and congrats to everyone who did this tough race..I mean stroll;) Great race Doug, you'll beat Manny next time! 
IceCreamAndCake04/03/10great day in the mountains.tough ride but the weather was perfect and felt good.met alot of cool riders out there today. 
TomG05/23/09The section past the peak is the worst. It almost killed me. 
Singular05/12/09Big Thanks to Warrior's Society for the great event. Very tough and fun race. I had a blast out there, especially when you catch up to people at 4 corners that went too hard early. I did not expect any placement at all. To my surprise I got 2nd place. I'm very satisfied with my efforts. 
CeeDubb05/11/09One crash and cramps. Next year I'll actually do some training and not hit it cold. 2010 goal is 5 hrs. 
CeeDubb05/11/09Nice long climbs. Training is a good idea before doing this. 
quad damage05/11/09I suppose you get out what you put in. Didn't put in much, so didn't get a great result. Happy it's over. Lots of cramping. Congrats to my buddies that finished! 
Hermit05/10/09Whew! 2nd place in Expert 18-30! Rode hard and felt on the edge of bonking for nearly the entire ride. Tried hard to break 5 hours, but didn't quite make it. Paid for the effort with a touch of heat exhaustion at the finish. Nice job on the win, Hammertime! You totally smoked me, man! And Congrats to all riders! This route + warm weather = extremely difficult. As always, thanks to the WS organizers and volunteers, and to Rushak for handing out awards at the finish (thanks dude!) 
RickV05/10/09Tough ride for me. Went out way too fast to 4 corners and paid for it the rest of the way. Serious cramps after 4 corners and had to nurse my way through the rest of the course (a lot of stops to try and unlock the legs). Felt just as hot as last year going up the wall. 
HTrider05/10/09The hardest thing I've ever done. 
5Large05/10/09Great race. Thanks to the warriors society and all volunteers that helped. 
Mr.Krisztian05/10/09Toughest ride I have ever done, road or mtn. Even though this year was cooler then last year, being on the Main Divide, Wall at 2PM the temp was 94 degrees. Killed me. I was an angry troll yelling at myself and my bike. In the end, always worth the pain, but this was tougher then anticipated. Next year I will do it again. 
Pure05/10/092009 Traverse Event 
Pure05/10/09Fairly long and tough climbing. Pretty fun single track but not very technical. Bouncy ride out to the finish, tough on a hardtail. 
Hal05/10/09Thanks for the great event Warrior's Society and volunteers. Good to see Chris Vargas at the top of Blackstar, cheering everybody on! Thanks for the company Frank and Mark. I did better than expected at ALL the cut-offs, and had my best time up to Beek's - 59 min.! Approx. 3hrs 10 min to 4C. I think the hourly gel and the Cytomax helped. 
ThinkFast05/09/09The bad news is that Murphy's Law was in full effect today. The good news is I got to enjoy the course much longer than expected :o) Big thanks to all the volunteers. 
House05/09/09Tough day today. Heat, leg cramps and stomach issues made for a long slog. 
onegear705/09/09This is for the 2009 course. Met a lot of great riders. 
Duke77705/09/09Got bad cramps as soon I hit the wall. Had to nurse it rest of the way. Got a bit warm later also but still a great event! 
Warhorse05/09/09Enjoyed every painstaking minute of the Traverse. Was expecting to finish between 6:45 - 7:00. Missed it by 7 minutes, but I'll take it. Was my 1st Traverse, and I trained alot. Very happy with my check point times, 1:10 to the ball, 2:28 to the motorway, 3:29 to 4 Corners, 4:44 to the peak, 5:00 at the Holy Jim Check Point and 6:22 to the start of Trabuco Trail. Warrior Society Volunteers were OUTSTANDING. Thanks to all Warrior Society Members for a first rate Event. 
ericfoltz05/09/09Good to see everyone out there today. Thanks for the ride Doug. 
genusmtbkr505/09/09Great event and it was a beautiful morning which gave way to a beautiful day. Not as hot as last year, THANK GOD FOR THAT! 
Twitch05/09/09Fun ride. Great to see all the GEO rider out today. Thanks dwhouse for the shuttle back to the car. 
MCAFS05/09/09Great day. Cool at the start and clear and nice all the way across the Main Divide. Chain fell off five times and had one flat on Trabuco Rd. Still turned a better time than last year. A fun tuff event. 
evilbawb05/09/093rd in 18-30 division intermediate got two flats,first needed a pump from race support,2nd got some help from hal.thanks for the tube hal 
erichunner05/09/09Rode my trusty SS Rigid, it didn't let me down. Started cramping only 10 miles in, slowed the pace down and drank plenty of fluids from my two seperate bladders in my pack. Started with 5 liters, refilled at 20 miles lasted to the end. 
SantaCruz HellRider05/09/09Slow start but got faster later. Passed 3 people on Trabuco singletrack, my reward was a torn sidewall. Special award from Sherry. 
ZipsBiker05/09/09Started cramping around mile 19. Tough ride,but very rewarding. I can hardly move right now. 
mark189005/09/09weeee,fuuun.good trip today,no issues.finished 2nd 46+ inter.the warriors put on great events,thanks.. 
Damon M05/09/09Beat last years time by 1:22 Go Troupe Racing Company 1:10 to beeks 2:20 to motorway 3:30 to 4 corners 4:30 to Santiago Peak 5:30 to Horsethief 5:50 to Trabuco 
Congo Kid05/09/09Finished THE TRAVERSE this year. On track with time till 4C. 1:12 to Beeks, 2:36 to MW, then heat did me in - 3:53 to 4C's. Left with 90 seconds before cut-off. 5:00 to Peak,(cramps) and 5:18 to 2nd checkpoint. Overheated going up Trabuco Peak. Many stops/walking to cool down, till 2nd to last checkpoint - ice water and water on head. Rejuvenated and cranked the rest of the way. Passed 5 folks on way from 2nd to last checkpoint. Relaxed at O'Neill park. Thanks to Warrior's Society & volunteers. 
sweeper05/09/09good ride today and finished better than i thought i would.thanks warriors for everything you did for all of us and thank you JESUS for the ability to ride and for the safe ride all the glory goes to you. 
Hammertime05/09/09Great day on the bike today, except all the pain! Awesome race, everything went as good as it could have for me, besides some cramping that I was able to ride through, and i ended up with 1st in expert 18 to 30, 7th over all, and i would have taken third as a pro... so better than expected 
onegear704/04/09Pure brutality on a singlespeed. 
House01/04/09Cold and windy up top. Still lots of snow and ice on the back side of the peak. 
Ross B05/29/08I made a memory on that 100+ day on May 17th. This is a testimony to God's faithfulness. The Lord is my strength and my song. And I will surrender Him my heart. from the Song of Moses... And on that day in May, my heart nearly surrended itself to the Traverse. Blessings to all who gave it a go! 
quad damage05/19/08Slower ride time compared to last year, but it resulted in my first ever first place. Hooray! Congrats to everyone that finished - the heat was a killer. 
DenT05/18/08For my first race, picked a hot one. Cramping by mile 15, long tough ride after that. Good to 4 corners, good to Santiago Peek, difficult after that. Thanks to all that worked the event, the kind words of encouragement was priceless. 
Damon M05/18/08Great Event. The heat made finishing difficult! 
davidg05/18/08Hotter than a mo fo... I was just glad to finish. This was my first endurance race, and boy did I pick a doozy! 
ericfoltz05/17/08Little bit hot out there today. Congratulations to everyone who finished. 
ThinkFast05/17/08Heat = Pain and Suffering. The heat kicked my butt today. Congrats to quad damage, Hermit and rushak, 1,2,3 in their division! 
rushak05/17/08That was a brutal ride. This was my first and last Traverse. The heat sucked, the cramps sucked, the bugs sucked, and the sweat sucked. I started out great until after Modejeska peak and the cramps started to show themselves. Surprised I still managed to get 3rd in my class. Congrats to Ryan and Matt for taking the first 2 spots and to everyone that finished in this heat. 
dubjay05/17/08Tripped the gate at 8:30 and change. Man it was hot... 
shrek05/17/08Tough day for shrek today. Still beat my time from last year by 11 min. Thank Goodness that's over. Congrats to everyone who finished. 
Winger05/17/084900. Extremely hot. Rode the hardtail instead of the FS and I don't regret it. Need to learn how to control cramping. I'm very disappointed I didn't reach my goal of riding faster than last year. Before ride: New front tire. New rear der cable & housing, new rear brake cable & housing. 
Hermit05/17/08Hot, hot, hot ride on the SS. Walked just about every steep climb to keep from overheating. Trabuco Creek Road was like riding in an oven. Ryan/Jason/Andrew/Troy/Doug:... Rematch next year??? Hahaha! Congrats you guys. 
genusmtbkr505/17/08It was brutally hot out there today. Seemed like an oven in some areas. Major props to all who attempted and congrats to all the finishers. 
sparrow05/17/08Blistering hellish conditions today. Finishing was a victory. 
RickV05/17/082nd half of the course was really tough - with the heat making things even worse. Hit the wall after Santiago Peak and just suffered the rest of the way. Even Trabuco Creek Rd. just sucked with the heat/wind... 
jbh6505/17/081st post, 1st time doing this ride. I was the very last rider across the line. The best thing about today was that I finished. This was an absolute ball buster with the heat and sun. Thanks to the Warrior's Society. I would not have made it if it wasn't for those folks. 
vhipp09/19/07It was nice and cool, riding in and out of clouds all day. I didn't see a single person the entire ride. 
tbowren06/15/07I knew I could do the miles but it was going to be rough. Everything went well this time, and I was happy with my results. It was incredibly hard but that's what I signed up for. 
jasonmason06/12/07Just got back in town so I can finally get this in...what an event! Probably the hardest ride I've taken on yet, but all the same damn fulfilling to have finished it. And the hot tub afterward sure helped... 
quad damage06/11/07Training really paid off and I had a great ride. Saw too many people to name, but congrats to Matt, Troy and Andrew. 
gassertrucks06/10/07tough day in the saddle. started cramping at mile 25 had to drop into small ring on all of the last climbs. I got off the bike 4 times to work out the cramps. Suprising result, somehow managed to take 1st overall in the intermediate. A great sense of accomplshment after this one. It was great to see all of you out there. Thanks Cranx for the recovery drink after the race- I needed it! 
Manuel Prado06/10/07Excellent race, perfect weather and fun competition. 
RFernandez06/10/07Great event. We got lucky with the weather. Unlike my past two races, managed energy very well. Was able to finish strong. Arrived to the start a bit late. It worked good for me, as I tend to get sucked into fast starts, which i'm not good at. Congrats to all who finished the race! 
IanH06/10/07Awesome ride took our time & enjoyed the day out! 
dandrews06/09/07Fun day! 
cH4os06/09/07What an amazing ride! Nice riding with you all! My Goal was noon, I made it to the bottom of Trabuco by noon... I am happy! Thank you Warriors Society for putting on a great event! 
Murmur06/09/07This would have been my best race ever, if not for the end. I was targeting this one and felt really strong. 48:30 to Beeks is a PB, 2:30 to 4 corners - man, I was ripping. Then the wheels started coming off (or tires, in this case). Short version = 3 flats and I walked / rode the last 6 miles on my rim. Good to meet Thinkfast and Hermit. Thanks for the tube and CO2, Hermit - I owe you. Congrats to the old-man Geo contingent for their 1,2 finish! 
Hermit06/09/07Another good Warrior's Society event. Always good to see/hear a lot of familiar faces and names, and to ride among the best. Congrats to everyone who participated in this tough race. I'm happy to say I felt great during my entire ride, and thrilled to have finished 2nd in my age group/division! W00t! 
ThinkFast06/09/07What a ride! Good to see everyone do so well. I gave it all I had. Congrats to everyone who finished. Especially Hermit and Quad Damage (2&3 in their division). Everyone who did this on singlespeeds are amazing. Thanks for the cold treat at the end Cranx! 
xhuskr06/09/07Ouch! Got my ass given to me on a dirt plate today! Glad I did it and I didn't finish last. Took lots of breaks....but who cares......I finished!! Way to go everyone who did this! :) 
Jocko06/09/07I hate the Main Divide !!! Just glad I finished. Out of 110 riders I'm hoping I'm in the top 100. Thanks Warrior Society for another great event !!! 
hades06/09/07race "the Traverse" 2007 
adventurich06/09/07good ride - ripped front tire with 6 miles to go & ran out of co2s - Tim hooked me up. 
adventurich06/09/07if you love to climb - you will be happy. 
Colvin06/09/07Now THAT'S a ride!!! My edge didn't function so I went with the finish line stat's. 
EMDUBYA06/09/07This was a miserable day for me. But I finished. 
dandrews06/05/07This time did it without Upper Holy Jim and went down the fire road, same as the course on race day. 
House05/26/07Terrible day. My legs were hurting even before I got to Beek's place. Old age, I guess. Dunno... vhipp passed me early and was gone. 
dandrews05/23/07Not much shade on this one, be sure to bring enough water. Three bottles was just shy for me today, was pretty hot though. 
hades05/21/07pre ride course. 10 mile prologue on road to start from finish. short and tough climbs in middle of course. 
quad damage05/21/07Wow. This was a tough ride. The heat made the route harder than it should have been. Good thing we stashed water. I got lucky with just a broken spoke while Troy had a broken frame. =( 
Hermit05/19/07Started with Ryan and Troy. Bad day for Troy. His frame broke just before reaching four corners! At least he could still ride it carefully down Maple Springs back to his truck at Blackstar. Ryan broke a spoke, but continued with a wobbly rear tire. No shortage of challenges today! Things to note: There is a crappy climb before four corners. We did Upper Holy Jim because I remember an email said it's part of the route. The heat takes a toll on the way to Trabuco. This was exhausting for me. 
vhipp04/14/07Who ever built the Main Divide wasn't a Mountain biker:) Weather was perfect for this route. Lots of dirt bikes. Worst part was from top of Motorway to 4-Corners. 

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