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2017 & 2016 Ride for Rwanda - 25 Mile Route (Official)  (California)      9k views  
         EDGE705     Route creator One Flew OTB  
Route Overview

Overall:  9.0
Technical:  6.0
Bigger clockwise loopclockwise
Distance: 24.8 miles
Ascent: 2,032 feet
Time: 2:27 minutes
Ladder Points +61
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SAME ROUTE AS LAST YEAR FOR 2017!! From Cox building in RSM, out to Arroyo Trabuco, into O'Neill, up Live Oak to Cell Tower, Down Vista, up Twisty Tire, out into RSM, Plano Trabuco to Tijeras Creek Trail all the way to Oso, then under the bridge, up to Oso, Antonio to Waterworks and back.

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  Route Comments
Ben Boronow05/02/17
25 Mile Rwanda ride (plus a little extra credit to where I parked.)
Congo Kid04/01/17
Pre-ride course with a few of the organizing committee. Perfect day.Lots of stream crossings and lots of deep water. You will get wet! A few folks doing trail work near Oso and arroyo to help with stream crossings.
Congo Kid04/30/16
Light sprinkles at start but awesome trail conditions for the first half due to last night's rain. Drier once hit Twisty-tire in RSM and the second half of the ride. A few bottlenecks in the beginning, but it opened up fine a few miles in. Took lots of videos and pictures of riders, conga lines, stream crossings, and aid stations. Sun came out at lunchtime - perfect for the balance of the afternoon raffle event. Bummed I didn't win anything, but that's the norm. Thanks to the numerous volunteers and sponsors - helping with almost 1,300 riders and $142,000 raised for the Rwanda National race team and World Bicycle Relief. Another great Rwanda Ride!
Congo Kid04/17/16
Sorta hot out today at start, so glad had some shade in the arroyo. Felt it that I hadn't been on my MTB in 2 weeks on the climbs. Kept a pretty good pace overall.
Congo Kid04/02/16
Rode with Jim, Ralph, Tim and JP. Started at Dove Canyon waterfall as were was going to do the whole 50 today but their pace was way faster (15%) than my normal so out of gas by the end, so bailed on that plan. Awesome weather out and fun to be on some new trails I'd not been on before.
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Route Times3 riders, average time 2:27:44
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PlaceName  Best Time   Total Time  SpeedCompleted
 Ben Boronow 
3:11:124:28:507.8 mph1 
 Congo Kid 
2:23:102:34:0010.4 mph4 
 One Flew OTB 
1:56:091:57:5212.8 mph2 

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