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Madonna Mountain: Lemon Grove - Top  (California)      9k views  
          Route creator kentonn  

Route Overview

Overall:  6.0
Technical:  6.0
Bigger out and backout and back
Distance: 6.0 miles
Ascent: 1,345 feet
Time: 1:15 minutes
Ladder Points +24
Directions to 'Start'  

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Route Directions 

This route utilizes trails located within the Maino Open Space. A real gem located minutes from downtown San Luis Obispo. Enjoy great, 360 degree views of SLO including Montana de Oro, Los Osos, Laguna Lake, Cal Poly and Bishop's Peak as you climb along Lemon Grove Loop and the fire road that leads you to the top.

Once you reach the top, turn-around and head back the way you came. The entire descent is fun, however. The Lemon Grove Loop is the 'icing on the cake'. This single-track sweeps back-and-forth across Madonna Mountain and is smooth and fast. Be cautious as you will surely encounter a hiker or two along the way.

Parking: Parking is available at the trail head. There are no fees for parking

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  Route Comments
First day of classes yesterday so decided to squeeze a ride in.
Don't have a GPS but I rode around all of the base trail and I have to ride to and from my off-campus apartment. Pretty hot ride, but still good. Still exploring the trails in SLO.
Nice single-track, good climbs and great views can be found on this route. Wanted to do the route with the Rock Gardens but found I started this route half way up. I will get it next time. The winds were blowing strong here today.
S.L.O. Phil06/04/10
+ 3.5 mile road ride to get my mtb bike. +getting to the trail head via the Laguna Lake side. + 4.4 mile road ride back downtown. I need a cycling computer.
S.L.O. Phil06/15/08
nice hometown ride with my brother. he needs to come down here and check out all the fun trails.
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42:008.6 mph1 
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