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Chesebro Canyon  (California)      39k views  
          Route creator Terry Best  

Route Overview

Overall:  5.8
Technical:  5.5
Bigger counter-clockwise loopcounter-clockwise
Distance: 12.8 miles
Ascent: 1,994 feet
Time: 1:42 minutes
Ladder Points +43
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If there's one word that describes the trails of Chesebro Canyon, it's VARIETY. Challenging fire road climbs, technical singletrack climbing and descending with many different settings to keep your eyes busy. Even though victim to the massive brush fires of 2005's summer, the trails are still in excellent condition. Don't miss this mountain biking venue in the north Santa Monica mountains.

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  Route Comments
Simply a beautiful ride despite clouds and drizzle on this solo ride. Dozens of riders out there. It just seemed like they were all going the opposite direction on the Sheep Corral trail.
No GPS trouble today, but too much tube trouble. Still a great ride with Ethan.
It's beautiful out there this time of the year. Go do it!
Sunny in the 80's. Dusty trails. My chain was making lots of noise. Wrong oil I guess.
pretty loose in some spots! laid the bike down and landed on the handlebar, ouch!
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Route Times46 riders, average time 1:42:44
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 Route Creator 
2:54:252:54:254.4 mph1 
2:34:513:13:235.0 mph1 
2:30:002:30:005.1 mph1 
2:15:433:45:555.7 mph1 
2:12:002:34:005.8 mph1 
2:10:003:00:005.9 mph1 
2:08:382:44:066.0 mph1 
2:00:002:00:006.4 mph1 
2:00:002:00:006.4 mph2 
2:00:002:00:006.4 mph1 
1:55:432:04:286.7 mph3 
1:49:002:23:307.1 mph1 
1:48:002:20:007.1 mph1 
1:45:062:21:257.3 mph1 
 Terry Best 
1:45:002:15:007.3 mph1 
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