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Whiting Ranch - Old Camp  (California)      54k views  
         EDGE305 Software Version 2.70     Route creator Terry Best  

Route Overview

Overall:  7.7
Technical:  6.0
Bigger clockwise loopclockwise
Distance: 22.3 miles
Ascent: 3,549 feet
Time: 2:51 minutes
Ladder Points +76
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Route Directions 

Combination ride comprised of two very popular loops: Whiting Ranch and Santiago Truck Trail to Old Camp with the technical Luge downhill thrown-in on the return journey. This route is definitely a must as you'll get to experience Whiting Ranch's best singletracks while gaining some significant elevation in the Santa Ana mountain range as you climb to Old Camp. Warning: This route requires that you cross a road where cars frequently travel along at high speeds. EXERCISE CAUTION!

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  Route Comments
MTB Fiend07/01/17
ugh! So depressing! A Jeep finally made it to OC, completely destroying what little canopy was recovering. So sad. They left a cooler with 2 beers still on ice (and that was at 5:30pm). Now there's only 1 beer. Great Ride! I'm famished!
MTB Fiend06/04/17
One of those great days in the saddle when you just can't help to be happy. Perfectly placid mid-day ride. Had a blast doing the bob and weave through the expected hordes of hikers in Whiting. Really quite entertaining at times. Out on STT, super-solo. Right on the cusp of weather, some segments were absolutely sweltering, but right around the corner was delightful breeze. Breezy enough above OC to keep the bugs off and allow a well-deserved break. Stoked to have my flow back on the OC descent and the Luge. Simply gorgeous out there today. Great Ride!
MTB Fiend01/15/17
Whiting was sensational! Water in the creek, just like in the old days. Beautiful. Lots of folks out enjoying the afternoon. Out on STT a bit of a different story, not too many other riders, but plenty wet in some places. Harding Falls are flowing in a big way, love hearing the roar of the falls from far above. Other than the wet spots, insanely perfect conditions. Rode the Thriller, just not liking the 2x10 gearing, it just feels like it is sapping my energy. Thinking about converting it, I wonder if I can add a 42tooth Giant Cog to a 2x10, or even a 40tooth maybe? Weather started out warm enough to make me go inside and change to lighter jersey, but damned if it did not get cloudier and colder. Still, it is always a treat to ride up into the clouds. Feeling the effects of a party weekend. Great Ride!
MTB Fiend12/19/16
Whew! Just blew past my annual climbing goal (100 miles straight up). Wasn't entirely sure back in August. From here on it's all groovy. (Until next year when the madness resumes all over again). Quite delightful out there today. Beautiful, actually. Stoked to see Mother Nature protecting our trails where Cleveland National Forest won't/can't. 2 massive rocks have fallen on the trail about 100 ft up trail from the Jeep Trap. They are too big for the Jeeps to push them out of the way and just far enough on the trail that only the bravest or stupidest of drivers would attempt to get around or over them. Now, there is no place to turn around for quite a ways. 2 Jeep Traps within sight of each other should protect the trail from the rogues ever making it to the Luge again! YAY! Now let's hope a big rock falls on to Cadillac and end this damaging madness. Real nice So Cal weather in December! Great Ride!
MTB Fiend12/04/16
Had visions of the Santa Monicas in mind, but was not motivated for the drive, so opted for this sensational afternoon/twilight jaunt. Felt pretty good throughout until climbing out of the Luge when one legged cramped up. Rather inopportune, as well as painful, a rarity for me. I'm sure to get 'em tonight. Beautiful twilight descent, got to the bottom of the Luge just as my Garmin told me it was sunset. A bit chilly down Live Oak and the rest of the way home. Great Ride!
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Route Times243 riders, average time 2:51:15
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4:04:374:04:375.5 mph1 
4:04:114:04:115.5 mph2 
4:00:004:00:005.6 mph2 
3:55:343:55:335.7 mph1 
 G.T. Jake 
3:55:003:55:005.7 mph1 
3:53:303:53:305.7 mph1 
3:47:003:47:005.9 mph1 
3:46:443:46:455.9 mph1 
3:46:004:40:005.9 mph1 
3:36:024:40:006.2 mph1 
3:36:004:00:006.2 mph1 
3:35:113:52:116.2 mph1 
3:35:003:35:006.2 mph2 
3:35:003:35:006.2 mph2 
3:32:163:32:166.3 mph1 
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