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Blackstar Canyon - Beeks  (California)      160k views  

Route Overview

Overall:  6.4
Technical:  3.3
Bigger out and backout and back
Distance: 15.6 miles
Ascent: 2,135 feet
Time: 1:47 minutes
Ladder Points 47

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Popularity 9.1
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Blackstar Canyon is one of the more northern mountain biking venues in the Santa Ana mountain range. The fire road ascent to Beek's Place is very pleasant with constant views & variations of grade.

  Route Comments
MTB Fiend06/27/17
Surprisingly few folks out on such a sensational evening ride. Nature's air conditioning was the perfect temp. Air quality even seemed a bit clearer over the LA basin. With all that goodness going on, I still turned around at Beeks. I planned on Sierra Peak, but on the way up I got in my head all the things I needed to do before the day was done, and my chain was complaining it was a bit dry, so, with the sun in my eyes, I called it a short ride. Nonetheless it was a... Great Ride!
MTB Fiend06/21/17
Nice solstice sunset from the top. Large turnout for Rumpled's callout for paganism. Apparently there are a lot of pagan MTB'rs. Really comfortable at the top, I was a bit concerned it would be a cold nighttime descent, but once out of HR it was downright warm again. Great Ride!
MTB Fiend06/21/17
Fantastic evening for a ride! Excellent cool down temps, nature's A/C on high. Which then makes it not so surprising that it was a good evening for critter cruising too. Spooked a pair of Deer in Hidden Ranch on the ascent. Then on the descent just as I dropped in to HR a Fox ran out in front of me. He looked odd, like maybe his tail was broken or something? Which may be so as he obviously has an affinity for darting in front of bicycle wheels. And so it goes on another cool evening out at Blackstar. Great Ride!
MTB Fiend06/15/17
Aaaaahhhh... finally, some weather a guy can really appreciate! And out on Blackstar, pure bliss with nature's air conditioning. (Caught me a chill in Hidden Ranch on the descent). Very few other riders out and all were folks I did not recognize, but some I would like to. Solo this evening, missed my buddies J&S, and Josh too, but did appreciate the pace the tunes were laying down. BS never disappoints, saw what appeared to be a bowling ball-sized cluster/swarm of Bee's on the side of the trail, just above Art's place. Bizarre. And so it goes that we can call this a... Great Ride! eh?
MTB Fiend06/01/17
Ruh roh! Bunch of hammerheads showed up for tonight's BS ride. Things started out tame but eventually the pace beat me down. Fun to ride with J&S on the tandem. Hoping for warm sunny days ahead. Great Ride!
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Route Times515 riders, average time 1:47:16
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3:40:583:59:384.2 mph1 
3:30:004:00:004.5 mph1 
3:27:293:27:294.5 mph1 
 Baby Doll 
3:14:204:00:004.8 mph1 
3:09:003:09:005.0 mph1 
3:08:153:08:175.0 mph1 
3:07:103:07:105.0 mph1 
3:00:003:00:005.2 mph2 
3:00:003:00:005.2 mph1 
2:56:003:33:005.3 mph1 
2:43:002:43:005.7 mph1 
2:42:002:42:005.8 mph1 
2:37:022:59:396.0 mph1 
 Punk Sanders 
2:34:142:50:236.1 mph2 
2:33:002:45:006.1 mph1 
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