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Old Camp - Luge  (California)      113k views  

Route Overview

Overall:  7.7
Technical:  6.3
Bigger clockwise loopclockwise
Distance: 15.7 miles
Ascent: 2,784 feet
Time: 2:05 minutes
Ladder Points +57
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Starting at Cooks Corner (a popular roadside grill), this is actually the Luge route with an added 8 mile, out and back, climb in the middle that leads to Old Camp.

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  Route Comments
MTB Fiend07/12/17
Sad, sad news my fellow MTB'rs - STT to OC has been destroyed by illegal vehicle activity. A week and a half ago I reported the illegal vehicle activity here. Turns out the vehicle was stuck about 1/4 mile above the OC Helo pad. CNF would not act on it without pics and GPS coordinates. Today, J and I rode back out there to get the pics and GPS coordinates. After Cadillac it was immediately evident additional vehicles had driven through. They rescued the stuck vehicle and destroyed all the vegetation on the trail in the process. We took pics and still reported the GPS coordinates to CNF, indirectly, via Kioti. Nice weather, but a bit buggy when not moving. Great Ride!
Left too late = HOT
MTB Fiend06/23/17
Spectacular! Sensational! A super-solo extravaganza of delightfully brilliant wildflowers emitting odoriferous hints and exuding tranquility all about the trail, indignant to my passing. The sunset back-lit flowers were breathtaking. Gorgeous. Back in reality, something HUGE going on at Cooks. Strong to the end. Truly, a Great Ride!
MTB Fiend06/22/17
Sensational evening ride. Wildflowers are still going off and were in spectacular form in the evening sun. The Indian Paintbrush was especially stimulating as it was brightly backlit in a luscious red. I felt strong the whole ride with real good flow on the descent. Saw just 2 other riders as I was descending. Great Ride! Indeed.
MTB Fiend05/23/17
I was dragging a bit on this one. Still, I had to make it out to the Luge, at least, to see the brushing work my neighbor, Kioti, had done. Josh was all in to the fast climb. I am smart enough to climb at my own pace. Nice to see the beautiful wildflowers still out there doing there gorgeous and aromatic thing! Even nicer to see the damage done by the Jeeps and the Mercedes is growing back and there is much less evidence of the destruction those vehicles caused. Yay! Awesome temps, and thanks to OTH only 3 other riders! First time down the Luge since my crash a month ago. Unfortunately, I could not find any flow all the way from OC and on down the Luge, so I just cruised along way off my normal confident speed. Good job on the brushing Jim! Great Ride!
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Route Times475 riders, average time 2:05:20
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PlaceName  Best Time   Total Time  SpeedCompleted
23:32:3123:32:310.7 mph1 
15:17:3815:17:381.0 mph1 
3:55:343:55:344.0 mph1 
3:30:003:30:004.5 mph1 
3:20:153:51:114.7 mph1 
3:15:004.8 mph1 
3:10:003:35:005.0 mph1 
3:06:005.1 mph1 
3:02:005.2 mph1 
3:00:003:30:005.2 mph1 
3:00:003:30:005.2 mph1 
2:58:392:58:395.3 mph1 
2:56:003:20:005.4 mph1 
2:55:002:55:005.4 mph2 
2:54:332:54:335.4 mph1 
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