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Luge (Cooks Corner)  (California)      162k views  

Route Overview

Overall:  7.2
Technical:  5.9
Bigger clockwise loopclockwise
Distance: 7.6 miles
Ascent: 1,382 feet
Time: 1:02 minutes
Ladder Points 29

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Popularity 9.5
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Very popular loop Trail! Park just to the right of Cook's corner and start to ride up Santiago road which leads to the brief climb up Majeska grade. The 3.5 miles on Santiago Truck doubletrack trail begins at the top of 'the grade'. The Luge singletrack descent begins when you veer right after the flag. The final mile of the ride is a highspeed downhill dash back to Cook's Corner.

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  Route Comments
Ben Boronow04/24/17
Morning ride before church. Really nice out. Got passed by a few people.
MTB Fiend04/22/17
Simple little Friday evening 1 hour ride turned into a 7 hour ordeal at Urgent Care then ER. In the end 1 cracked rib, 4 bruised ribs, and a very nasty, big, deep and very bloody cut caused by my watch digging into my skin, 9 stitches. Front wheel washed out and I went down real hard. Busted my rear brake, sheared the Right Master Cylinder cap right off, almost. I was badly shaken and lots of blood soaked my brand new glove, and I knew I was the only person out there, no choice but to self-rescue. First time I ever had to walk the Luge, but I rode home from there and drove myself to Urgent Care. Then that morphed in to an Ambulance ride to the ER. Turns out all the issues they were concerned about were non-issues. I am very lucky my cut did not reach tendons and possibly never ride again. As it is, a short hiatus and I'll be back at it. Great Ride!, not so great crash.
MTB Fiend04/10/17
Nice to get out today and stretch the legs a bit, but I quickly discovered my body has not fully recovered from Saturday's big adventure. So I succumbed to the fact that it would be a slow-roll, enjoy the sights and smells kind of ride, as opposed to a "let's go long to Old Camp" kind of ride. By the time I got home, I was totally down with that! Great Ride!
MTB Fiend04/05/17
Just a small cruise today, but a giant leap toward future MTB'ng joy! Finally, fixed the creaky rear Maxle on the Phantom. Oh yeah, I've said that before, but this time I really mean it? This time I feel abundantly confident as there was not a peep, not a pop, not a creak, not a snap. So what was the magic fix? Teflon tape on the Maxle threads. The theory is the threads were backing off just a silly little milimeter. The result was like an earthquake relieving pressure and it manifested itself in a creak, and cracking sound. And of course the carbon just broadcasted those noises. Very disturbing while riding. Anway, that is all behind me now. The fix is in, and a new derailleur hanger is on its way! And so it is that this was... a Great Ride!
Haven't ridden the Luge in almost three years. Way too long of a gap. I felt OK on the climbs, but too nervous on descents. Thought it would be warm, but it was overcast and we rode into fog. Nice evening for a ride.
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Route Times643 riders, average time 1:02:07
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PlaceName  Best Time   Total Time  SpeedCompleted
2:41:292:59:062.8 mph1 
2:36:363:10:022.9 mph1 
2:00:002:30:003.8 mph1 
1:57:003.9 mph1 
1:56:003.9 mph1 
1:55:331:55:333.9 mph1 
1:53:181:53:184.0 mph2 
1:50:042:57:334.1 mph1 
 Cheez Samitch 
1:50:004.1 mph2 
1:47:001:47:004.3 mph1 
1:45:5421:124.3 mph1 
1:45:411:45:414.3 mph2 
1:44:461:44:474.4 mph1 
1:43:002:05:004.4 mph1 
1:40:301:40:304.5 mph1 
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