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Home - Campus - South Farm - Research Park
          17.5 miles         311 feet          17k  Views 
Ride from home - MSU campus - South Farm - Research Park - back home. Just a relaxed spin to loosen the legs up after a LONG trail run yesterday at Oa...   Read more 
Time 1:41        Level: Beginner        Riders 1                Created by: Gman67

Bethel - Briar Patch/Couch/Badlands Loop
          12.5 miles         236 feet          3k  Views 
Nice route starting at the Bethel Trailhead. Start on Briar Patch then take Couch to Badlands, Badlands back to Briar Patch to the finish.
Time 1:31        Level: Advanced        Riders 1                Created by: ericfoltz
No Image

Butts Park
          22.2 miles         454 feet          2k  Views 
Some BMX type stuff and a few drops.
Time 1:42        Level: Beginner        Riders 1                Created by: Wampuscat
No Image

Clear Creek
          11.7 miles         893 feet          1k  Views 
Best 10 miles of singletrack in MS!
Time 1:23        Level: Intermediate        Riders 1                Created by: jaydub
No Image

Random cruise around town/campus
          23.9 miles         447 feet          1k  Views 
Random cruise around Starkville and MSU campus.
Time 2:14        Level: Beginner        Riders 1                Created by: Gman67
No Image

West Jackson to Cause way
          26.4 miles         447 feet          1k  Views 
Roads are rough with a lot of red lights. Stopped by the Bike Rack to pump up my tires.
Time 1:33        Level: Intermediate        Riders 1                Created by: faf1967
No Image

Noxubee Hills Trail System - Outer Loop
          16.6 miles         901 feet          1k  Views 
Mostly Single track, pretty good elevation gains. Nice trail system.
        Level: Advanced        Riders 0                Created by: Gman67
No Image

Work to home - after work - 01242013
          3.1 miles         89 feet          1k  Views 
Work to home
        Level: Beginner        Riders 0                Created by: Gman67
No Image

Lake Lurleen Full Loop - Both Ways
          42.9 miles         4,397 feet          1k  Views 
I've ridden at Lake Lurleen three times now. NICE trails. There's a full "outer loop" that is about 13 miles, and several side loops that make up abou...   Read more 
        Level: Advanced        Riders 0                Created by: Gman67
No Image

Research Park Trails
          9.1 miles         587 feet          1k  Views 
Research Park trails behind work.
Time 1:47        Level: Intermediate        Riders 1                Created by: Gman67
No Image

Research Park
          6.5 miles         549 feet          1k  Views 
A few laps at the Research Park Trails behind work.
Time 1:04        Level: Intermediate        Riders 1                Created by: Gman67
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