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          0.0 miles         0 feet          395  Views 
No description provided
        Level: Advanced        Riders 0                Created by: geo

Aliso: Mathis - Meadows
          9.1 miles         1,024 feet          24k  Views 
Hearty climb on the way up Mathis. Good challenge for beginners with many switch backs on the way down Meadows, but not too steep.
Time 1:05        Level: Advanced        Riders 243                Created by: geo
No Image

Santa Rosa Mountain Road
          9.0 miles         1,639 feet          826  Views 
Santa Rosa Mountain Road
        Level: Intermediate        Riders 0                Created by: geo

Aliso: Meadows - Rock-it
          10.9 miles         1,080 feet          43k  Views 
Gentle singletrack turns into steep ridable switchbacks up Meadows, the most challenging climb in the Aliso Wood Canyon wilderness park. After a brie...   Read more 
Time 1:15        Level: Intermediate        Riders 213                Created by: geo

Aliso: Cholla - Lynx
          9.7 miles         725 feet          30k  Views 
One of the quicker loops to perform in the Aliso Woods Wilderness Park. The ride to the Cholla trailhead consists of undulating fire road that eventua...   Read more 
Time 1:00        Level: Intermediate        Riders 241                Created by: geo

Aliso: Cholla - Rock-it
          10.4 miles         840 feet          87k  Views 
Most probably the quickest way to experience thrills here at Aliso Woods. The climb up Cholla is short but always breaks a sweat. Meanwhile the Rock-I...   Read more 
Time 1:06        Level: Intermediate        Riders 446                Created by: geo

Aliso: Mathis - Cholla
          10.4 miles         961 feet          31k  Views 
Big loop around most of Aliso-Wood Canyon Park. Good ride for exercise.
Time 1:08        Level: Beginner        Riders 278                Created by: geo

Aliso: Fireroad - Cholla
          6.8 miles         520 feet          17k  Views 
At the end of Wood Canyon keep going straight around the iron gate which spans the road. Then left up the steep fireroad. Cholla is at the top of th...   Read more 
Time 1:02        Level: Beginner        Riders 165                Created by: geo

El Moro Canyon
          5.1 miles         840 feet          43k  Views 
One of the rare places you can see a bit of single track with beach and ocean in the background. East Cut Across provides for an extremely pleasant fi...   Read more 
Time 0:50        Level: Beginner        Riders 133                Created by: geo

Riley Wilderness Park
          2.2 miles         340 feet          22k  Views 
Riley Wilderness park has mainly beginner trails although this route has some short and somewhat challenging climbs. This is a great place for a casu...   Read more 
Time 0:22        Level: Beginner        Riders 89                Created by: geo

El Moro: Ticketron - Moro Ridge
          9.1 miles         1,335 feet          27k  Views 
Starting less than a mile from the Ocean this ride offers nice views and plenty of fresh air. A unique ride worth trying.
Time 1:24        Level: Intermediate        Riders 137                Created by: geo

San Juan Loop Trail
          2.4 miles         340 feet          30k  Views 
Highly technical sections on this ride, more so than the 12mi. San Juan Trail. Lots of fun to see how much you can clean. Half way through, Chiquito...   Read more 
Time 1:41        Level: Advanced        Riders 47                Created by: geo

San Juan Trail (bottom half)
          12.7 miles         2,315 feet          74k  Views 
Starting at the bottom parking area ride up 1/2 of the full trail to Cocktail Rock and back.
Time 2:05        Level: Advanced        Riders 338                Created by: geo

Tijeras Creek Loop
          14.2 miles         960 feet          84k  Views 
The Tijeras Creek route essentially sends you around the perimeter of the city of Rancho Santa Margarita while exposing you to varying scenery and tra...   Read more 
Time 1:23        Level: Advanced        Riders 228                Created by: geo

San Juan Trail (up and down)
          22.8 miles         3,690 feet          197k  Views 
San Juan Trail is considered by many to be one of the top 5 trails in Southern California. It can be done as a shuttle or as a climb half way up (to c...   Read more 
Time 3:33        Level: Advanced        Riders 256                Created by: geo

San Juan Trail (down only)
          11.4 miles         760 feet          79k  Views 
This route is a shuttle with one vehicle parked at the bottom lot. Start the ride at the top by Blue Jay Campground.
Time 1:41        Level: Intermediate        Riders 177                Created by: geo

Los Pinos Loop
          42.0 miles         8,240 feet          17k  Views 
This route begins with a challenging climb up Trabuco Canyon Trail, then down Los Pinos to the bottom of San Juan Trail. At this point you have no cho...   Read more 
Time 7:34        Level: Advanced        Riders 3                Created by: geo

O'Neill Park - Arroyo Trabuco
          11.1 miles         1,350 feet          14k  Views 
No description provided
Time 1:17        Level: Advanced        Riders 106                Created by: geo

HorseThief - Trabuco
          20.8 miles         3,420 feet          23k  Views 
After beginning with 5 miles on a dirt road, this route will test your climbing and descending skills. The West Horsethief ascent is very challenging ...   Read more 
Time 2:55        Level: Intermediate        Riders 88                Created by: geo

Joplin Trail - Upper Holy Jim
          34.9 miles         6,486 feet          25k  Views 
This trail starts in O'Neil park, cuts through Whiting Ranch, then Santiago truck trail to Old Camp. After all that climbing you begin the real test, ...   Read more 
Time 6:25        Level: Advanced        Riders 4                Created by: geo

Holy Jim - Horsethief
          24.2 miles         3,960 feet          18k  Views 
The first five miles of this route are on Trabuco Creek road (dirt). Immediately following is the ascent up Holy Jim trail with its excellent views, s...   Read more 
Time 3:24        Level: Advanced        Riders 56                Created by: geo

Holy Jim - Trabuco Trail
          26.2 miles         4,240 feet          149k  Views 
Expect some decent climbing on this route. The first five miles are on a fairly flat dirt road, Trabuco Creek. The singletrack ascent up Holy Jim is b...   Read more 
Time 3:35        Level: Advanced        Riders 247                Created by: geo

Whiting: Raptor Road - Dreaded Hill
          4.9 miles         1,212 feet          15k  Views 
This short grueling loop starts you off in the South East dirt parking lot of the Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park (located on the north side of Glenn Ra...   Read more 
Time 0:47        Level: Beginner        Riders 100                Created by: geo

Whiting Ranch - Dreaded Hill
          4.8 miles         800 feet          19k  Views 
The first section, (Borrego Trail) is a popular hiking area - Keep Your Eyes Up and Watch Your Speed!. Upon reaching Mustard fire road hang a r...   Read more 
Time 0:43        Level: Beginner        Riders 184                Created by: geo

Old Camp - Luge
          15.7 miles         2,784 feet          121k  Views 
Starting at Cooks Corner (a popular roadside grill), this is actually the Luge route with an added 8 mile, out and back, climb in the middle that lead...   Read more 
Time 2:05        Level: Intermediate        Riders 475                Created by: geo

Luge (Cooks Corner)
          7.6 miles         1,382 feet          171k  Views 
Very popular loop Trail! Park just to the right of Cook's corner and start to ride up Santiago road which leads to the brief climb up Majeska grade. T...   Read more 
Time 1:02        Level: Intermediate        Riders 643                Created by: geo
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